Friday, March 1, 2013

Princess and History Makers

    Hi Friends!! Long time no blog for me!! Yes, I am back from my never ending trip to the "Happiest Place on Earth"!! Wow my poor husband drove over 1000 miles for this princess. I am a lucky girl. I probably didn't have the best plan when I decided we should drive to Disney to take the boys Monday through Thursday  then drive to Valdosta, then drive back to Orlando for the Princess 1/2. Well I loved it!! I love to ride and I love going to the park with and without my kiddos!!
The Girls Before the Run :)
Anyway the run was super tough!!! I finished, but took longer than I expected. There were 22000 runners! You can only imagine the traffic on the course. The worst part was when we got to the castle we had to completely stop and wait to go through because it was so crowded. Not great when we were trying to run the entire time!! But, I loved running in my tutu and tiara and I love, love the gorgeous medal. So worth the 2 hours and 51 minutes and 13.1 mile run plus the extra mile or so to walk to the race beginning :).

After the Run :).
 Enough about princesses and travels!!! Time to celebrate our AWESOME Pal at Kooky Kindergarten. She has a store on Teacher Pay Teacher and a Teachers Notebook Store. Thank you Kooky Kindergarten for the adorable Dr. Martin Luther King Craftivity! The kiddos had to draw, cut and glue their own shapes and follow directions!!! Very important skills in kindergarten. Every child's finished product was unique.

 During Black History Month, we have been celebrating famous African American History Makers. The first history maker we celebrated was Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. We read stories, had discussions then finished off with an awesome craftivity from Kooky Kindergarten. Check out her link to purchase this craftivity. Also, check out some of our kiddo's work. They did an awesome job.

 Another history maker we celebrated was George Washington Carver. We choose to celebrate him to support our science unit on rocks ans soil and who can pass up a chance to celebrate the inventor of peanut butter. Can you imagine a world without peanut butter? I guess our peanut allergy friends would be happy!

We also celebrated Ruby Bridges! The kiddos had a great time creating portraits of Ruby and writing facts about her life!! The kids liked learning about a history maker who made history at their age!!

We have a few more important history makers we are going to have to learn about in March like Jesse Owens and Thurgood Marshall. We wish we had more time to do so many more :).

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By the way!! I have missed 3 weeks in a row of the Bachelor and Cristy has failed at her friend job to keep me updated! I would love any info on what happened. The only thing I know is he sent Ashlee home!! Boohoo! I loved her! Why did he send her home?????

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  1. I know someone who did the Princess half too! Sounds so magical! :) Good job!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten