Saturday, March 30, 2013

Retiring, Egg Hunt & Happy Spring Break!

Hi Friends! Hope you are either finishing up or beginning your spring break with some rest and relaxation!!

Before you get too SAD, Cristy and I are not the ones who are retiring! We have lots of years to go (13), but who's counting :). Any way our SUPER FABULOUS principal announced her retirement. While we wish her well, we are a bit devastated at the news. We knew it was coming soon, but just didn't want to think it was now.

Have you ever had a principal who expected 110% from everyone and if someone could not give 110% he/she devoted time and resources to help get that person performing? Well, that's our principal!! She is one of those service leaders who will get you what you need so you can do your job better. She is also one of those leaders who goes into any situation with a bucket of water in one hand and  fire in the other. She is ready to put out a fire or get one started depending on the situation!

Enough about our sad news! On to FUN things like---EASTER!  So sorry if this activity is a day late! Maybe you could use it next year ;).

We had a super fun "Egg"tastic Math Egg Hunt! It was awesome. We bought enough plastic eggs for every kiddo to have one. We stuffed each kid's egg with 10 jelly beans. If you want to do this activity, feel free to put any number of jelly beans that work for you.

After we stuffed the eggs, we wrote each kid's name on an egg then hid them outside. The kiddos had to find the egg with their name on it. They couldn't tell their friend if they saw someone else's name. After finding the eggs, the students got a clipboard and work paper.

Students had to count the number of jelly beans and record. Then students had to decompose the
number of jelly beans they were working on into pairs. Finally, students wrote a word problem about their jelly beans and then gobbled them up. Yummy! Thanks Mrs. Kari, our student teacher, for getting us jelly beans!

Below is a copy of the "Egg"tastic math recording form we used. If you think you could use it sometime, feel free to grab it by clicking on the picture!

Hope y'all have(had) a great spring break and fabulous Easter!!


  1. Love this idea!! I like putting their names on it so one kiddo doesn't grab all of them!!

    Kimberly Ann

    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. How cute are you guys? I LOVE the egg hunt idea... next year! :)

    So sorry to hear about your principal, I will keep my fingers crossed for an equally as supportive one to come your way!


    1. We are SO CROSSING our fingers that our AWESOME AP gets the job! I'll keep you posted!