Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Laptop! Fire Safety! XYZ Pack and Freebie!

Yahoo People!!! I got a new laptop!! Yay... no more having to use pink polka dot duct tape to hold the power cord in place. Too bad the pink duct tape didn't work that well since when I would sneeze or move, the computer would turn off. Yes, I did use it this way for about 5 months!!

Also, no more having to type on a full size external keyboard attached by USB because the g, h, and several other keys are missing! Yes, the smallest man of the house decided to pound on the keyboard about a year and 1/2 ago and it has not worked since. So thanks to one of my former student's adorable Dad and Mom for sending me the USB keyboard to use until I finally broke down and bought a new laptop TODAY!

On another note---We have a new Fire Marshall in town and he means business! While we appreciate his concern and efforts to make our school as safe as possible, we are pretty devastated at our recent changes!  This fellow is HARD CORE!

You are not going to believe it! You may even pass out--- NO fridge or microwave in the classrooms ANYMORE!! (Probably no microwaves with good reason because Cristy kept stinking up the place by burning popcorn!---but don't tell the fire marshall!)  How will we conduct edible science experiments and solve edible math problems? More importantly--- how will I keep my Diet Coke COLD!!!

There's more! We are a sprinkler free school. So, that means only 20% of the walls can be covered with stuff (art work, commentary, standards, student writing, etc...)! All of it is fuel!  BOOHOO! We love to cover our room and the halls with all of our students' amazing work and now we have to be selective. It is so hard to choose! We want it ALL!

Do you have regulations about how much wall space you can cover? Do you get to have a fridge or microwave in your room?  Do you have a Fire Marshall that's HARD CORE?  Waaahhh!

Anyway, we are still trying to keep our teaching on course even with all the Fire Marshall hoopla!

We just finished our X,Y, and Z Word Work Literacy Stations and Centers! We decided to combine the three letters so we could have more words to choose from. It would be too boring to have to use the same 10-15 words on every game/activity.

Check out our preview below. Also we included a freebie morning work sheet! Grab it if you like :).

Have a great weekend friends!!! Tell us what you are up to!


  1. I've heard of many schools that can only cover 20% of the wall. That would be SO hard! I feel like I'm always hanging stuff, between anchor charts, student work, and lesson objectives. No fridge or microwave here... only in the lounge!

  2. Hooray for your new laptop! I can sympathize with the non-charging part, as I had to deal with that on my previous laptop-turned-desktop. I could not take it anywhere that doesn’t have a socket nearby, what with the battery barely functioning as a UPS. At least when it gets unplugged, I have a few minutes before I have to replug it or look for another socket.

    Joanna @