Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Awards Ideas for your Kiddos!

Wow!! Yahoo!! What a relief!! Our kindergarten play, EIEI OOPs was a huge success. The kiddos looked adorable, did a fabulous job and we are relieved to leave all the stress behind us.

Class DVD (What a nightmare! Crashed about 4 times! New computers are overrated!!)
Volunteer Gifts

What next??? We will just finish out the year strong continuing Café, Daily 5, Measurement, and our unit on Animals. We are even having a learning celebration the last day of school to share our animal projects and our PowerPoints from our Community Unit. I am a little behind Cristy! She is the WOMAN!! Her class shared their PowerPoints of course at the logical point in time, which was at the end of the Community Unit :).

So how can we help you with the little time you have??? 
Well, the most challenging part of award night was coming up with an individual award for everyone that was special! Some of the individual awards we gave were related to academics but some we gave showed how well we know and love each baby :).

Below is a list that we came up with by GOOGLING awards or just thinking about our own kiddos. Sometimes with just some award ideas, we were able to think of kids that fit that award.

Hope this list helps!!! Let us know what you think or if you have any other special awards that you give in your classroom. We are trying to compile a list to save for next year, so we are not thinking for days about the most special awards :).

Enjoy the rest of your school year!! It's downhill from here! Sad the year goes so quickly. Wish we could slow down time just a little bit :).

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  1. May I use your award ideas for our Moving Up Day awards? These are great, and I've been having such a hard time thinking of awards.