Saturday, May 18, 2013

FREE Popcorn and Movie Day Pack for Everyone!

Just a quickie post to remind you about our FREE Popcorn and Movie Day Pack!  Next week is our last week...wahoo!!!  Whether your year is wrapping up too, or even if you have a few weeks to go, this pack will hopefully bring you some much needed peace and quiet to your classroom!
We joke that using theme days the last week ensures there are no tears...not even from the teachers!  We created and used this pack last year and ---oh---my---gosh, the last few days were actually FUN again because we weren't going crazy with chaos and disorder, just focused fun!

It's an easy pack to use too.  You just need to gather 4 bags of popcorn-butter, cheese, kettle, and caramel.

Then the kiddos have a tasting party, poll classmates on their favorite kind and graph the results, and then do some fun and creative POPCORN and MOVIE writing like narratives, acrostic poems, and more.

(Click on ANY of the images to snag it for FREE over at our TPT store!)

There's also a GREAT game to play with your whole class that involves "popping" some words and kiddos use phonics skills taught throughout the year to decode each "theme" word.  They LOVED this!

If you need more THEME DAYS to keep your kiddos focused, then be sure and check out our other theme day packs...Beach Day, Bubble Day, Ice Cream Sundae Day, and Game Day!

Hope you have a FUN, FOCUSED, and PAIN-FREE end of school! :)

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