Thursday, May 2, 2013

Currently...Oh yeah!!!!

Wahoo!  Love me some currently!  I have so much fun reading these babies.  And I have to confess...I secretly check Farley's post trying to be one of the first Currentlys posted, and people...I am NOT alone!  Once Farley hits "Publish", I think 50 Currentlys go live in like 5 seconds!

Somehow I always end up being "Lately" and not "Currently"! ;)

But this time---oh this time---I might just get in under 100!  Seriously...100!  REALLY!  Farley you must just be a rock star and ALL the cool kids wanna hang with  you!  HOLLA! ;)

Anywho, here's our latest currently!

I know! I know!  For those of you who follow us, I am so sorry.  I am simply obsessed with Adam Levine!  I think he's made it into the last 3 or 4 currentlys!  He's hot in a totally NOT my type kinda way.  And Blake, that man is a riot (and pretty hot too!)  But really...LOVE that show.  Fun to watch!

Wasabi peas!  Is it wrong to love hard crunchy peas with hot sauce all over them...and when you eat cry a little bit---seriously...burn your nose hairs kinda hot!  Really---I think something may be wrong with me!  

17 school days left!  Gotta buy volunteer gifts, make End of the Year Kindergarten DVD's for my littles, Mother's Day necklaces, silhouettes of the kiddos, make backdrop/costumes/learn dances for the school-wide kindergarten play, report cards, GKIDS (GA assessment), awards...Are you feelin' me on this one?  I know you guys are RIGHT THERE WITH ME!  Hang in there...see next comment!

Zac Brown said it best, yeah?  Toes in the water...

Seriously...please just fall off TONIGHT!!!

Been running around like a mad woman...ready to slow down and take it ALL in!  Love summer with my own personal littles and hubs!

So...what's up with you?  Can't wait to check out some more Currentlys.  Be sure and head over to Farley's at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade.  Trust's good times over there!


  1. Hey, I'm a former kinder teacher, I taught it for 6 years, now I'm on to 4th grade...ahhh.

    I LOVE the voice too and you got it Blake and Adam are hotties!! The reason why I watch! I like the new comers too.



  2. Hahahaha.. I know what you mean about waiting for the Currently to go live. I just saw it and there were 70 people lined up. lol Loved reading your post. I've not watched The Voice, maybe I need to!

    Have a great weekend!


    Crayonbox Learning

  3. we just found your cute blog from the Currently link up and we are new followers!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County