Friday, May 31, 2013

Volunteer Gift and Beach Bound

Wow what a crazy, but fun end of the year!!

Are you still in school with Kiddos? Is it your post planning? Are you finished for real?

Not to celebrate or anything because we do love, love, love our jobs, but we are officially out for Summer Break! And no, we are not doing a little dance of course, or smiling from ear to ear!! Just kind of a small grin that goes from ear to ear!!

 It is a bittersweet end to our year!! We are losing our most awesome Principal of the Universe! She is retiring and we wish her lots of luck and fun times to come!!

While we are really sad to see her go, we are super, super excited about our new adventures to come at Arbor Springs!!

It was a super year in our rooms because we have great assistants, great kids and several very, very helpful and generous volunteers!! For our special, room mom who did everything for us we wanted the perfect gift for her that was thoughtful, not too expensive, but showed her how much her time and help meant to us. Well, we found this idea on Pinterest. 

This is the sample we found on Pinterest. Click the picture to go to original idea! Thanks for sharing Fairy Dust Teaching!!
It was super easy! Mrs. Archer cut out a red heart large enough for all our kiddos to put their hands around. Then we put the heart on our blue picnic table outside and the kiddos all placed their hands around the edges of the heart. After we got the picture printed, we had it matted and framed. The kiddos all signed around the edges of the mat with different color pens. It was so beautiful and she loved it!!

These are my cuties' hands!!
 So we have to brag a little!! Our own, personal kiddos (you know the ones that go home with us in the afternoon), received lots of great awards at all of their awards ceremonies!!! We are some proud Mamas! Awesome Job BOYS!!! We love u guys!!

Speaking of BOYS! Here are my two right after the last day of school! What better way to end a fabulous school year, but with a yummy ice-cream from Brusters! Listen to this friends! It was my lucky day! I don't know if your like me but I am very reliant on my debit/credit cards! I am not one to carry around cash!! It goes way too fast. Anyway, I went to pay from our ice cream and guess what??

What you ask? Well, the credit card machine went down and the nice Ice-Cream Boy told me it was on the house since the machine went down. I told him I would come back and bring cash and he told me, NO WAY!! Enjoy and have a great day!! Wow, that was super nice :). 

I know what you are thinking! Yikes those boys need haircuts!! Don't laugh but they just had haircuts last week!!
Hair only a mother could love, right? :) Well I have to love that hair because it is just like my hair!! CRAZY!!
Thank goodness for the invention of products like mousse and flattening irons!!
So,  We hope all of our blogging friends have a great end of the year!! Let us know what you are doing this summer!!

Well Cristy and I started our summer off right!! Pedicures right after we left our last planning day! Check out my Skittle toes!! Cristy thinks they are crazy, but they are my favorite!! What do you think? Too much??

Any way, this is Page!! I am Off to Valdosta for the weekend, Daytona for 2 weeks, back to Valdosta for a week, St. George for a week, back to Daytona for a week. Then, I guess finally home for a week before I go back to Daytona for a long Girls/Cousins' Weekend!! And yes friends, that is my summer and by the time I get it all planned it will be over.

Not to mention I am very scared about what will go on this summer! I am not sure when or what will happen, but it will happen. The birthday fairy has been sending cards since I turned 39 last July! The cards are all warning and foreshadowing about the many things that are to come when one turns 40! Yes!! I will turn 40 very soon!!

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