Saturday, October 4, 2014

How do we become presenters??

I am eagerly awaiting to hear from Cristy who participated in the Marine Corps mud challenge today. 6 miles of running along with mud and obstacles!! That does not even sound fun to me!! Give me a tutu a tiara and 13.1 miles and I am there, but MUD??? No, thank you!!! Yuck!!

So Cristy and I had a blast this week presenting our bag of tricks at another school! We were invited by the principal and she wanted us to share a little bit of everything!! It was super fun!! I love presenting with Cristy!! Wish we could do it more!! We really do have good stuff to share!!

Anyone have any tips on being able to share at conferences? There are some conferences that don't allow partner presenters, but we are a package deal!!! Would love to hear any info you guys can share!!

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  1. Apply to be a presenter and a co presenter. I've done this before. We presented at a state math conference, we just applied online and we were accepted. It was a pretty easy process!