Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Skippy the Squirrel

Guess who came to our room today? One of our sweet grandmas brought her rescued squirrel in for a fall visit! 

Skippy was rescued after falling out of his nest as a tiny baby squirrel with no hair and eyes still closed. This is the 6th squirrel they have rescued, and they are becoming quite knowledgeable in the ins and outs of it all! Skippy has made a TON of progress and is growing like a weed. He drinks milk from a dropper, takes naps in his blanket, and gets some exercise in the house.

Once spring arrives, he will be prepped and released back into the wild. They have had lots of success releasing their little patients back into the wild, including having them visit every so often just to check in! How sweet!

This was such a great lesson in caring for nature and bringing the outdoors inside...up close and personal!

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