Friday, October 10, 2014

Teaching Self Control - Super Power

Did you know our kiddos have a SUPER POWER?? Their SUPER POWER can be self control, if we teach it and reinforce it everyday!

How do you teach self control to young kiddos or even older kiddos??  Let's just say BUBBLES and M&Ms (or any other yummy irresistible candy or treat)

Steps to teaching self control...

Teacher Says: Did you know you have a super power???
                        Whisper to your friend, what you think your super power is.

Students: Students whisper to a friend then give various responses for what they think is their super power

Teacher Says: 1-2 (students respond ... eyes on you)

Teacher Says:  Your super power is self control.
                         Whisper to your friend what you think self control means

Teacher Says: 1-2 (students respond... eyes on you)

Students: Students share about their super power with teacher and class

Teacher Says: Self Control is when you try really hard not to do something that you really, really want to do. We are going to practice this with my bubble blowing machine. (You can use bubble blowing machine, bubble gun, or manually blow bubbles with a wand. A bubble gun may be frowned upon in the school setting).

Teacher Says: When I turn on the bubbles, I want you to use self control and not pop the bubbles. It is going to be really, really difficult, but I know you can do it.

Teacher turns on the machine. It may take a few times before teacher can turn on the machine without students popping bubbles. Keep trying while talking about self control each time.

After students master using SELF CONTROL for not popping any bubbles, have them to pop one bubble. This may be even more difficult for students than not popping any bubbles.

You can do something similar with M&Ms. Tell the kiddos they can have 1 M&M now or wait until later and get 5. You will be amazed at the kiddos who can wait and those who can not.

After the fun lesson part with bubble and M&Ms, have kiddos discuss ways they can show self control in the classroom and at home. Then  have them write about it.

The kiddos had a blast with this lesson. My sister in law told me about the idea and our counselor used it in grades pre k to 5th grade!

It was super fun and effective!!! Check out our Counselor's cutie pie son! He has self control!! It is his super power!!

Let us know if you have a great way to teach self control or other character traits!

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