Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Red Ribbon Week Freebie!

Hope everyone is having a great Red Ribbon Week! Sorry for the late post!! Over the years, we have had a hard time making Red Ribbon Week meaningful to our young kiddos without going too far in depth.

Our AWESOME Counselor scheduled some great days! Below are just a few!! The kids love dressing up, but we also want them to know why they are dressing up!
Hats Off  to being Drug Free
Team Up against Drugs
Sock It to Drugs

We looked and looked for an appropriate reader, but couldn't find anything we really liked, so we made our own.

It does not have illustrations because we wanted our kids to help out with this Create--A--Book project.

Click the image below to check out our rhyming non-fiction reader that will help your young kiddos understand Red Ribbon Week and Drug Awareness. It is a FREEBIE!! YAY!!!

This book has the words at the top and allows for your students to help make this story more meaningful by adding the illustrations. 

How do you use this book?
Print a class book.
Read the words to the kids.
Ask what is missing (illustrations).
Cut apart the pages of the book.
Have students add illustrations to the pages that match the words.
If you have more than 12 students, make multiple copies of the last page and have students who did not get to illustrate fill in missing words and illustrations. 
Laminate the book.

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