Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Currently...When did THAT happen?

What the hey?  Who the what? Could someone please explain to me what happened to June!!!  Yesterday we were all friendly and today...gone!!!

I can---not---believe---1 month is already GONE!  Gone, I tell you!

So I am hoping I am getting a little empathy here, because the hubs won't hear of it.

He says I'm whiny.

He says "real people" jobs don't get 8 weeks!

He says he WISHED he got 8 weeks!

Well mister...don't confuse me with the FACTS!!!!  Summer is slipping through my hands...aaarrgh!!

Good news though!  I LOVE MY JOB!!!! so it's perfectly fine that I'll be going back in a few short weeks.

But too bad for me because I will have to break up with my bed, my pajamas, my coffee cup, The Chew, my books, the beach, the pool, and ALL my other SUMMER LOVES!!!!'s what I am up to this July!

Listening - The boys are quietly engrossed in something and that equals a quiet enough house that I can hear the hum of my PC while blogging. RARE!!!  Although...this could be a good thing or a bad thing.  This is what the quiet equaled yesterday...
My  7 year old tried to create a zip-line from the upstairs to the downstairs door for his beanie babies.  He attached it to the fan so that the zip-line would go "sideways".  That's my 10 year old trying to reach the 15 foot fan to undo the mess...and yes...that's a mop.  We had no special tools at hand for this job!!!  Watch out for the "quiet". 

Loving - My husband earned a lateral promotion with his company.  He went from working 12 hour days (7pm to 7am) to an actual Monday-Friday job with 9 hour days(6:30am to3:30pm).  We are beyond BLESSED.  We have our husband/father back and it's been so wonderful!

Thinking - Our school is an awesome place.  We feel like it comes a close second to the "Happiest Place on Earth".  Well...we've been through a big change last year with a new principal and this year we will be getting a new assistant principal.   YIKES!  People...I don't always love change and this has been a bit stressful, but I know we will all rally and make it through!

Wanting - Page and I always say we are going to do better with this blog.  There are 2 of us for the love of Pete!  But somehow, we still don't post as much as we would like.  We have so much to share, but sometimes we get stressed thinking about blogging.  We are both so darn wordy that it takes us FOREVER to write a post.  We need to work on enjoying the process and not writing a darn novel every time.  (I know you guys would probably appreciate that too!!!)  So we really are going to try to bring you MORE good stuff in a SHORTER format (PS - Today's novel does not count!).

Needing - I am pretty sure it's obvious why I need to put on my big girl panties.  Whining and worrying don't do a darn bit of good.  Change is coming...embrace it, relish it, look for the adventures that await! 

4th Plans - If you love Zac Brown Band and you live in GA, you might want to head to Senoia on July 5th.  Word is they'll be playing a concert there for FREE.  There will also be tons of food trucks, market booths, games, and just an all around fun day.  We'll wrap it up with some fireworks.

Hope you have an awesome 4th and July!!
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  1. Wish I was in GA, I love Zack Brown. How fun for you! Well I have 3 boys so I was cracking up at what your two were up to during the "quiet". Mine are now old enough that if it is quiet, which hardly ever happens, I don't really have to worry. I too have changes coming at our school this year. We have a new principal/superintendent so I am trying to stay positive and not stress out. Have a great holiday, I am so jealous!

    Luv My Kinders

  2. Girl...what age is "old enough"??? I don't know that my guys will EVER get there...especially the 7 year old. He's a hot mess, but dang it if he can't charm everyone he meets! We are really looking forward to Zac. And to make it even better, all the money raised that day goes to he non-profit Camp Southern Ground for kids! Good luck with your changes. I finally had to let go of the stress and embrace the change! Keep us posted on how it goes.

  3. Ohhhh you are SO not whiny! I cannot believe how fast this summer is going. I'm with you... it needs to slow down. I'm seriously jealous of your ZB plans! They are an awesome bunch of guys. Enjoy it & have fun!! :)

    1. Thanks so much Jen. It makes me feel better! ;) I just visited your site too! Have a great 4th!

  4. I love your blog - this is my first trip here! Girl, I can relate to you in everything you said - quiet and kids is NEVER good and I would LOVE to be a better blogger. I stress about it all the time as well and I am extremely wordy :) Have fun at Zach Brown.. I'm jealous!!!