Thursday, July 3, 2014

Language POP! Comment to Win!

FINALLY!  We just posted our newest pack in the
 "POP! series"...Language POP

You get 92 fun and active task cards for daily common core kindergarten language practice and review!   These cards are meant to be used in WHOLE GROUP with the teacher leading the fun!

There are 8 FREE task cards included in the preview download on TPT! 

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Multiple Ways to Use the LANGUAGE POP! Task Cards!

FUN and ACTIVE Brain Breaks - Although kiddos will still be working on language concepts, these task cards have them engaged, up and moving, and are tons of fun! They give them a little break from seat work or more focused tasks.

Language Journal Prompts - Read a card aloud to the students and have them respond in their journals using words and pictures. 

Time Fillers for Daily Language Review - Use a card when you have a few spare minutes to fill throughout the day.

EVERY SINGLE kindergarten language standard is included in this pack!

Each standard has multiple task cards included with most standards having 4 or more task cards.

So leave us a comment on how you might use these in your room. 
 We'll choose a winner to get the pack for FREE in a day or 2!


  1. I would include them as part of our homework menu! They are also great for fast finishers!

    1. I forgot to mention in the post that these are really best suited to be teacher led in whole group. They are perfect for a quick and fun review of standards. Thanks for commenting. I bet you can use these on your homework menu with a little tweaking.

  2. These would be great for brain breaks on the carpet or for early finishers!


  3. These would be great as a morning work station or even a literacy station to encourage conversation with peers. They look great!!

    Christin. Shiftingteacherk2 @ gmail . Com
    Shifting Teacher K-2

  4. I would use these as brain breaks and time fillers before lunch and special classes. These look amazing and the kids would love them.

  5. These would be great for our oral language time in our schedule.

  6. This would be awesome for my class and for practice during transitions, centers and more. There are many ways to use this product and i know my kids will love it!

  7. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments. just won and we are sending out your language POP! right now. Hope you and your kiddos love it!