Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Made It Monday!

So I know it is technically Tuesday...but I did MAKE it on Monday, so that counts...right!??!

I've been decorating the house for the 4th of July.  I'll leave everything up for the month, so I do tend to get a bit crafty and shoppy for each holiday!

Here's the rundown of the decorations.
I bought the Flag Pallet and Flag Mason Jars from my sweet friend's daughter and her friend (Spontaneity Designs) at Serenbe Farmer's Market Day this past weekend.  So cute, and so worth having THEM make it!

I leave the tree up year round and decorate it to coordinate with whatever holiday is closest...think pinks and reds for Valentines, vintage eggs and butterflies for spring.  So for the 4th I used red and white ball ornaments, a vintage Uncle Sam card, some of my hub's former Marine medals and dog tag, and some cute patriotic ribbon, and of course an American flag on top!

Now...for the actual Monday Made It! part...
Be sure and visit 4th Grade Frolics for the Monday Made It! linky for more great ideas!
I hand-cut the cute little STAR pennants hanging over the mantle.  I used scrapbook paper to cut out the stars and then I backed each of them with red card stock to give them more support.  I hole punched 2 circles in each star so that I could weave the string through.  I am not always the best at thinking things through and I originally punched 1 hole at first...BAAAAD idea.  Those stars were flying all over the place, spinning around backwards, and sliding into each other.  Thank goodness I figured that one out after ONLY 2 stars!  I also painted the wooden 3D star beside the blue spool.  It came in blue and I thought it needed more color since everything else on the mantle was blue.  I also painted the E's.  They came in orange and well...that just did NOT match the 4th theme at all people! (What was Hobby Lobby thinking???)
I printed the cute "I'm proud to be an American" print from How to Nest for Less for FREE!  Then I just trimmed it up and put in the blue wooden frame from Hobby Lobby.

So I hope this gets you in the festive 4th mood!  And for our Non- American friends that won't be celebrating the 4th of July, then hopefully you can get some ideas for YOUR next holiday.  Friends...you can seriously make a pennant banner for ANY holiday and it will make you smile!  Happy 4th!


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