Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fabulous FREEBIE Friday!

TGIF!! We love Friday!! I went back to school today! Yay! Ran 4 miles while looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights! Yahoo!! We are headed for a great weekend. GO DAWGS!!!-That was for Cristy!

This is Page, the half of Kindergarten Squared that had to stay home from school for 2 days!! Yikes that was hard work! Hats off to stay at home moms!! I felt like my days never ended and neither did the work. By the way, where is my paycheck for those two days????  Oh yeah!! Not one!! Well, except for the precious time that I was able to spend with my fabulous 9 year old :).

It was really rough though!! Poor Jake had the stomach bug!! Lots of prayers that no one else in the fam contracts that bad bug! Yes, we have been washing hands like crazy, but not sure hand washing can keep that bug at bay!!

Anyway, each week, Cristy and I make Word Work Literacy Stations and Centers for our County. We also post these packs on TPT. These packs are full of FREEBIES! We decided that our blogging friends should have easy access to these FREEBIES! We will try to post them each Friday after we finish a pack! Also we will go back and make the FREEBIES available for previous letters!

If you need the FREEBIES for a particular letter before it is posted, just leave a comment with your email and we will be glad to send it, if we have already created a pack for that letter. Check out Letter Bb Freebies! Let us know what you think!

I better hurry if I want this to be Fabulous FREEBIE Friday! Uh oh!  I didn't quite make it! Technical difficulty. Apparently this blogger program frowns upon copying and pasting pictures into the blog post. I had to try again and well friends, I didn't make it. Let's just pretend I made it! OK?

Click any picture on the FREEBIES below to go to the Letter Bb FREEBIES. 
Click the Word Work Station Picture to Check out the entire Letter Bb pack :).

Enjoy the beautiful weekend friends!!

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