Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cake and Elves!

So...first it was cookies!  Now it's cake!  I was not even playing when I said "Christmas has really arrived in the Fogle house when the baking begins!"  This week it was homemade, from scratch...the all the way kind, the REAL DEAL... carrot cake!  Oh my word!  My diet has SO gone out the window.  There's always January, right! :)

Anyway, we have been really getting all festive at school this week too.  We had our 3rd grade Christmas play (my kiddo was a reindeer with the line "Yeah...we even let in that weird reindeer with the red nose."- LOVED it!), our chorus Christmas program, AND our little elves were busy applying for jobs in the North Pole!!!

That's are never too young to go to work!!!  If you missed our last post, Freebie Elf Application, then check that out for all the details.  Basically each kiddo applied for one of 3 jobs in the North Pole.  We then let them make something to represent the kind of quality work they would create in their new job.

We hung the applications, persuasive writing pieces, and art in the hallway for a really cute Christmas display. Let us know what you think.  Hope you enjoy!

You can pick up your own copy here!  Freebie Elf Application

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