Saturday, December 8, 2012


Christmas has officially arrived when the baking begins!  

I (Cristy) retired from cookie decorating a year ago!  I absolutely LOVE to bake and decorate! But I swear I know I seriously baked over 5,000 cookies over a 2 year period.  For REAL... not exaggerating even one little bit!  And people...I tell you... I slap got burnt out! 

So I shut down the old oven from cookie baking (to hear my hubs tell it, I shut it DOWN... from all baking...well...from all cooking in general...poor thing!)  

But alas, the sweetest little lady asked me if I would bake some cookies for our Golden Age Party at church for our precious little oldies but goldies (70 years or older).  How can you say no to THAT!  You can't! can't!

So...I knocked off the oven dust, fired the baby up, and baked some cookies!

We hope your house abounds with sweet smells from the kitchen, warm snuggles by the fire, and peace and joy fill your hearts and home! 
 Merry Christmas!

PS-I'll be happy to share baking or decorating tips if you want to bake your own batch up for the holidays!


  1. Those look delicious! This is my first year baking as gifts. I started a practice batch last week and I WAS EXHAUSTED! Kudos to you! I'm starting again today, hopefully they can come out half as cute as yours.
    Kindergarten Schmindergarten

  2. Thanks Rachel! And good luck Vanessa! It IS exhausting, but it sure let's others know you REALLY love them to take so much time on their gift! Let us know if you post some pictures!