Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Which Door is the Cutest?

Twas a couple weeks before Winter Break
And all through the school,

Teachers were decorating their doors,
In the hopes of being cool!

We are counting down the days until Christmas Break! Are you?
Check out some cute doors around our school. We aren't competitive are we? ;)

Who decorated these doors? Wish we could take full credit, but moms and our assistants were the idea locators and creators!

Of course, where do you think these cute door ideas came from? You guessed it! PINTEREST! 

Do you decorate your door? We would love to hear about your door ideas! If you want, feel free to grab these  ideas and make them your own! They really do brighten up the halls :).

Which door is your favorite?

Cristy and Christie's cute snowman door!

Page and Natalie's shiny present door! Page does love a bow! 

Laxmi and  Sharon's door across the hall! Awesome snowman made from styrofoam cups! Way cool!
Robin's door in 2nd grade! Put up by the same super Mom who made Page's door!

Elaine and Renee's precious penguin door that is in progress! We will repost a finished penguin picture soon :).


  1. I tried to make Christy and Christies Snowman door today! Maybe it was just me and having an off day but I kept messing up the hat, and then I'd cut the wrong part, and then my paper would get stuck to the tape/glue in the wrong place! I gave up! It was not as easy as it looked! LOL but its SUPER CUTE! Maybe I'll try again tomorrow! I like the one with the cups! I haven't seen that one!!

  2. We ALL have that kinda day sometimes!!! Don't give up! This cute snowman will last you through January! Crossing our fingers that it works for you today! :)