Friday, December 14, 2012

Ff Freebies, Knitting and Hannukah!

Hi Friends! Hope you had a great week! We have been super busy around here! We have been making ornaments and treats for parents! Don't worry we will be posting pictures of finished products very soon! And just for the record, academics are still our main priority. We are lucky to have great assistants who call our kiddos one at a time to make their ornaments/treats. This allows us to continue on with our regular routine!! Helps with behavior too!!

Cristy is still baking away and well, I have taken up knitting. I know, old grandma, but I really am not quite 40 yet. I won't hit that milestone until July. We had our Kindergarten Christmas party last night and there were lots of yummy treats to eat and drink :). While we were there we visited, played Dirty Santa gift giveaway and yes, I knitted an entire scarf :). Check out some that I have made :).

Also, tonight is the 7th night of Hannukah! Presents, presents and more presents. The kids are having a blast. Before we turn around it will be Christmas. I love the holidays, but they are hard work. That Elf on the Shelf has been pretty busy too at our house :).

Page's silly boys lighting candles on the 3rd night of Hannukah.

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, we are still rollling with our Cafe and Daily 5. Check out our fabulous word work freebies for the Letter Ff. If you like the freebies, you can check out our entire word work pack.

Have a great weekend!

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