Thursday, December 27, 2012

Too Funny!

I was blog hoppin' today in my jammies, with a hot cup of coffee... with a gargantuan amount of smidgen of Southern Pecan creamer in it (YUMMM!) and  I stumbled upon a new blog...Realistic Teacher!  

Oh... my goodness...I found one of her posts that had all kinds of things she found on Pinterest that particular week that she liked.  When I watched this video...I LITERALLY had tears streaming down my face from laughter!!!  I made the hubs watch, my kindergartener watch (just so he would KNOW!!!), and then I watched it about 2 more times! 

We ALL have days like this when it's just best to give up, call it a day, and have another go the next! :)

This video actually makes me miss my babies tons!  They are so fun when they are learning new things, and yes...we sometimes hit a wall like this...only it may end up with someone in tears (!).  But isn't this really why we LOVE teaching?  Some days it seems like an insurmountable task, so we just dig in our heels and go harder.  And when that moment of understanding hits....Ahhh (think angels singing)...the sky clears...the clouds part....the sun shines...birds's just BEAU-TI-FUL! 

 And that, my friends, is why we go through this!!! 

Enjoy your last few days of break!  

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