Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"1st Day in K" sign!

Well---we have been underway for 16 days!  Oh---my---goodness!  Time is already flying by.

We've been kinda swamped these 1st few weeks so we are just getting around to posting some of our 1st day things.  I know most of you guys have started back, but we still wanted to share our version of the SUPER CUTE "1st Day in K" signs we have seen on Pinterest.

I found this AWESOME (already painted gem of a find) orange frame at a local vintage treasures store. Then I headed to the greatest place on earth for crafting...where else....HOOOOOBBBBYYY LOOOBBBBBBBY!  I LOVE that place!  Truly---LOVE!

I bought the wooden letters for something like $1.49 each for the smalls and $2.49 for the biggies.  I have to say I am usually much more of a penny pincher to spend that much on a dang wooden letter collection, but I knew I would use the frame for years AND I could share it with my K friends!

Then Christie (most awesome assistant in the world!) took the letters home for "homework" (as her hubs likes to say) and painted those puppies this awesome neon blue color.

Then a dab of hot glue here and there...and VOILA!!!  SO---STINKIN'---CUTE!

The kiddos looked so adorable!

This is the original pin we saw that caught our eye.  This super cute version is over at First Grade Schoolbox!

Well that's our quickie post for tonight!  Sleep well!

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