Friday, August 2, 2013

August Currently

Yahoo!! I saw Oh' Boy 4th Grade's: CURRENTLY for August and got excited because this is my first CURRENTLY!! Cristy is always the diligent blogger eagerly awaiting each month's currently!! Maybe she will be so proud of me!! I am really trying to redeem myself after being off the grid for so long while I was at the beach for many weeks!!

Drum roll please!!! Farley's Currently for August!

Listening: The hum of the fan is accompanied by Big Brother After Dark playing in the background!! Addictive!! 

Loving: My new running shoes are so cushiony and comfy!! Not quite as cute as I like, but they are all pink. Need these to keep me running which keeps the stress down :).
Thinking: I am so lucky to have such a great family, awesome friends, and a fabulous job with people I love, love, love!!

Wanting: We need 5 instead of 3 planning days!! 3 days are not enough! It is what it is... We will persevere and get things ready for those precious kiddos!!

Needing: I need to finish setting up, cleaning and decorating my room!! However, I really need a pedicure, manicure, and a massage!!

B2s Must Haves:  
1. We are in desperate need of a cordless hot glue gun!! Natalie is a genius! She puts masking tape on the back of things to hang in the classroom and hallways. Then she puts hot glue on the tape and glues whatever we need to the wall. It peels off super easy and doesn't leave difficult to peel off paper and glue!

2. Hobby Lobby has the cutest paper lanterns in beautiful colors to hang from the ceiling in your classroom. Cristy bought some and I tried not to copy her but I really have to have them.  

3. Stephanie Ann's Ultimate Supply Label Pack with Pictures 
is awesome!! The labels are perfect for anyone who wants to label 
all of their supplies and look Pinterest ready!

Ok, for real better get to sleep! I guess I won't be able to get up for a 5 am run!! Stayed up way too late!! Or maybe you could just look at it like I woke up really, really early!!


  1. I'm watching After Dark too! I have watched this show since the very first season. I can't say this is my favorite season, but I am addicted all the same! I'd love to see a blogger teacher on the show some day! And yes, I agree we need 5 days and not 3. I have WAY too much to do!

  2. Best of luck this school year! I love the paper lanterns. I wouldn't mind a manicure, pedicure, and a massage too!!

    JustAnother PBJ Day

  3. oh my goodness, I love those lanterns!! We're not allowed to hang things from the ceiling, otherwise I would totally be buying them too! So cute!! I am a sucker for anything pink!

  4. Needing manicure, pedicure, massage? Yeah, there are times that those are kind of a necessity! Specially after exhausting yourself up with setting up, cleaning and decorating your classroom. Have you accomplished your must-dos and must-haves? If you did, it's time you treat yourself with a day at