Thursday, August 22, 2013

Open House: What to Do?

So, what do you do at your Open House that is only 2 weeks after meet the teacher day???

Well friends why not have some parent / teacher conferences ?  Well, that might be a little difficult since we are just now finished administering our SLO assessment/ GKIDS Baseline.

We are still compiling data and assessing students who entered our class late or who have already been absent because of rampant germs in our rooms (despite Natalie and Cristy's cleaning efforts)!!

So DRUM ROLL...........  The perfect answer is a Scavenger Hunt!!!
When your sweet little babies enter your room with their parents, just greet them and hand them a Scavenger Hunt paper. Then they get busy completing all the tasks. Everyone is happy, happy, happy!! (Gotta love some Duck Dynasty!!)

Check out one version of our Scavenger Hunts! Sorry this version is unable to be edited, but if you leave a comment with your email address, I will send the publisher version for you to change. Just remember, if you don't have the same fonts, when you open the document, it may look a little crazy!!

On a side note!! We are working on building stamina in kindergarten for everything!! Stamina for Read to Self, Word Work, Working on Writing, Calendar, Number Talks, etc...
But while trying to build stamina, we have had to have some ways to get those wiggles out!! Here are a few of our favorite new songs/dance links to get your KINDERS Moving!!

Have Fun Teaching’s
Hopping Skipping Song

Have Fun Teaching’s
Walking Song

Have Fun Teaching’s
Stretching Song

If You’re A Kid

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  1. My kiddos LOVE "If You Are a Kid"! I tried a scavenger hunt for my Meet-the-Teacher this year, I don't think the kids thought they'd have to be doing any work yet! :)