Friday, August 30, 2013

Organized Transitions Rock!!

So, when your 21 kiddos transition from activity to activity or place to place in your room, is it complete CHAOS????

Well, that's what it used to look like in our rooms! Yep!! Imagine all our kiddos walking around,  talking with friends and hanging out while forgetting that we are even in the room!!! Well, the kiddos were supposed to be going from group time on the rug to an activity at the table, but that was not happening!

So, how did our kiddos transform from a PARTY TIME transition to an ORGANIZED transition???

Well, the lost art of memorizing nursery rhymes and poems was reborn!! Yes, People!! It was that simple.

We teach our kiddos a rhyme using the method MY TURN, YOUR TURN! (Teacher says a line then student repeat until they know the rhyme independently).

Then we say, "Ok FRIENDS, on your way to the table tell me about Jack Be Nimble".  The kids in unison recite the nursery rhyme on the way to the table.

It's awesome!! We teach a new rhyme or poem every couple of days and Voila!! New material for ORGANIZED transitions!!  Love it!!

Our Kiddos really love the new versions of Humpty Dumpty and Mary had a Little Lamb!
Below are the words! We will post the authors' names as soon as we can find where we learned them :).

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