Friday, August 2, 2013

A Great Start and Teacher Evaluation

Well friends yesterday was our second planning day! We were way more productive yesterday than we were on our first planning day!!

 On our first planning day, we had a blast!! We ate breakfast, had our nuts and bolts meeting, worked in our room  (visited with our friends), ate lunch, worked in our rooms some more (visited some more with friends)!! It was a great day!!

Too bad we have a bazillion things to do before the kiddos come to our meet the teacher day on Monday and then the first day of school on Tuesday!!. We need more than 3 planning days!!

We are so excited and can't wait to post pictures of our outside displays! They are going to be ADORABLE!! I have to thank Natalie because she is super creative and does all the decorating!! She decorates while I run around the room starting 101 things without finishing a single one!!! Are any of you like that???  Christie and Cristy work together on their display because Cristy is super organized and finished lots of things last week and at the end of last year.

So are any of you participating in the new teacher evaluation system for Georgia called TKES  (Teacher Keys Effectiveness System)Teacher? In our county this year, there are several lucky teachers who get to pilot this new system. Guess what??? Cristy and I volunteered to participate! We love jumping on the bandwagon early so that we can ease into things.

We have not been formally trained, but after doing some reading, we decided to make some dividers for our TKES notebook. These dividers can be placed in page protectors with a tab or in those new dividers with the pocket so you can see the cuteness. If you need these dividers, just click below and grab them :).

If you have already participated in the TKES process, please, we would love any advice and quick tips!!
Thanks a bunch in advance for your help!

Nighty-night friends!!

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