Thursday, August 15, 2013

More Craftiness! First Week Survived

Yay!! We survived our first week of school! It went pretty smoothly!! We worked on routines and procedures and more routines and more procedures!! We introduced some academics, but mainly focused on getting those babies out of pre-k mode and into kindergarten mode!!!

So you have already heard from Cristy about Natalie' craftiness! I have to agree that she is definitely the MacGyver of Kindergarten! Check out the cuteness she has added to my room!! Natalie is truley amazing!

This year we did a BEE theme for our outside hall decorations because Kindergarten is a Great Place to "BEE". Who doesn't love how Natalie turned ordinary butcher paper into a 3D, awesome tree and  turned simple brown rafia into a bee hive!! Kindergarten really is a Great Place to BEE!

Natalie also found on Pinterest a Kid Twitter board! We called it "What's the Buzz". This is where we pose a question and the kiddos write and post their answer. For now, Natalie translated for our school friends who have a little trouble reading "KINDERGARTEN"

So the BEE theme is fabulous, but check out below my absolute, all time favorite beginning of the year decor!! Yep, you guessed it!! MacGyver Natalie's handy work!

All my teacher friends and family always say, "I wish I had a Mrs. Archer." Well I am very thankful for Natalie and will BEE in super trouble if she ever decides to retire and leave me!! I hope she never leaves me!!!

By the way!! We are loving some ClassDojo. If you don't know what it is, check it out at
It is a management system that is FREE and ONLINE :)!

Happy School Daze!!

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