Tuesday, January 7, 2014

100 Years Old...for REAL!

So it's almost time for our 100th day!  We have about 2 weeks before it gets here.  We always dress up for our 100th day of school as do the kiddos.  This is probably one of my most favorite things because we work them all day (fun, but meaningful) and the whole dressing up thing makes all that work seem like a BIG OLD play day!

I thought I would take a minute to rewind and flashback to last year's 100th day and a cute kid photo of my REAL LIFE kiddo and what this old gal looked like on the 100th day!

That's Mappin with me.  I'm in my Momo's dress!
My own 100 year old cutie!  I must say...he's aging so well! ;)
And here is my REAL Momo!  We just celebrated her 100th birthday!
So here's hoping you all have an awesome 100th day!
  "Live Long and Prosper"!

We'll check back in with some FUN 100th day photos and activities after our 100th day!

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