Friday, January 24, 2014

100th Day Photo Booth...Waaay Fun!

So---stinkin'---AH-DOH-RAH-BLE! Our kiddos were just CRAZY cute. We asked our families to send their cuties to school dressed like they were 100 years old.  Many of them did, but we did have a few 5 and 6 year olds show up! We didn't want them to be left out!  So here's how we ran our PHOTO BOOTH for optimum success!

Option 1:  If your kiddos DO NOT dress up, we had a whole table full of Photo Booth props that we created, printed, and hot glued to sticks.  We spread these out on a table and they could choose what they wanted.
You can snag these super cute props in our 100th Day Pack!
Option 2:  Page's awesome assistant, Natalie, is like a walking vintage store owner.  That woman has EVERYthing you can imagine stored in her attic, cabinets, under the name it.  She never turns down an awesome yard sale or thrift store find.  I am telling you...she's a walking treasure chest.  She had tons of vintage hats, ties, aprons, necklaces, and more.  We put ALL of that on another table and let the kiddos go wild.  This is so much fun...IF you have access to all these goodies!

Option 3:  But let's be honest, most of us don't have a "Natalie" around (at least I didn't before I met her!) so we don't have all those goodies just lying around.  If you have a hat here, maybe a necklace or 2 that your grandma will loan you there, and a couple of other snazzy pieces in your drawers, you can MIX Option 1 and Option 2!

One final note on the set-up!  We have a spare room at school so this was our base camp!  We had 3 tables...1 for paper photo booth props, 1 for "menswear", and the last one for "women's wear".  We had an awesome piece of glittery silver lamé (flashback to my high school prom dress from the late 80' lamé, baby!) fabric that we hung from the wall.  We wrote "It's Time To Party!" and "I Am a 100 Day Smarty!" on black paper and hung it on the fabric.  (We snagged this SUPER idea from First Grade Frenzy!)

We bought a cheap picture from Goodwill and I popped out the glass and print.  Then we let the kiddos hold the gold frame to pose.  Waaaay cute!  We also took 3-4 kiddos down at a time to have some Photo Booth FUN!  I think it made it more special giving them lots of choices and time to have FUN and try different things out.

Whatever the resources you have, we think this was a REALLY FUN way to celebrate such a HUGE milestone for our K kiddos....and we think yours will LOVE it too!  Happy 100th Day!

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