Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dream BIG!

WOW!  It's amazing how big our little's hearts can be.  We have spent the last several days learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and what he stood for.  It's been very touching watching our babies realize that people can be cruel and heartless, where others can stand up for what is good and right.

I honestly think some of them can not even grasp how others could have EVER felt that segregation was right.  I think they maybe got their hearts broken a little bit over the thought they may never have been able to have some of their bestest friends if it weren't for people like Dr. King.  It's been quite touching to watch.

We wrapped up our study of Dr. King by writing about their own dreams.  What kind of world did they want to live in?  What change did they want to see that would make a difference?

As you might expect...some of them quite deep and meaningful, others "out of the mouths of babes"!

Serious ones...

"I dream that people would not fight and they would learn to love each other."
"I dream that people would not steal stuff.  There would be no robbers."
"I dream that people won't litter.  They need to make our Earth beautiful."

"Out of the mouths of babes" ones...

"I dream that little babies would quit hitting people all the time."  (This cutie just brought a new addition home from the hospital a while back, and she is NOT loving the baby arms swatting and flailing!)

We have to give a shout out to Kooky Kindergarten for this ADORABLE craft.  There are simple directions to follow, they ALL turn out adorable and unique, and they make for a great hall display!

The "I Have a Dream" page is from our Martin Luther King, Jr. : Peace, Love, and Dreams pack!

We hope you found some meaningful ways to teach your littles about this very important American hero too.  Please share your creative ideas with us.  We love to change things up from year to year!

Peace, Love, and DREAM big!

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