Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Snothankful in Georgia!! We are so very thankful for the awesome leadership in the Coweta County School System. Our school system is located south west of Atlanta! We are snothankful that we have been home safe and sound with our families since yesterday.

Monday, weather reports predicted snowfall with possible accumulation on Tuesday! Our county leaders announced for staff to report to school, but no kids. Our fabulous school system LEADERS then sent us home yesterday before noon.

Snow fell and fell and fell!! While it was super beautiful and easy to enjoy for those of us in our homes, for the rest of the area it was anything but great!!! It was a NIGHTMARE!!

There have been reports of students/teachers stranded in schools, buses having to return to school because of road conditions, and parents who have walked several miles to just make sure their baby was safe at the school!

We have also seen reports of so many of our friends and loved ones stranded in that mess in Atlanta, Georgia!! We have been on pins and needles praying for every one's safe arrival home!

We are snothankful for all of the awesome acts of kindness by first responders and people in the Atlanta area who just tried to help in anyway that they could!

We are snothankful for all of those families that have been finally reunited!!

Sending prayers to all of those who are still stranded and trying to get to their destination!!

Have a great week!
We have 1 more snow day tomorrow in order for road conditions to improve. Hoping to go to school on Friday! Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. I am in Carrollton, GA.. Hi neighbor! Our system called off school for students on Tuesday. Teachers went in as usual, and they released us just before noon. The roads got bad so fast! It took many of our teachers hours to get home when they normally have a 10 minute drive. We have several teachers who live in Coweta County, and their drive was very long as well. I can't watch the news anymore! Those poor people who have been stranded for days. I just can't imagine. It took a friend of mine over 10 hours to get home from Atlanta on Tuesday, but at least he made it! Stay safe and warm!

  2. Safe and warm in Macon, GA! Jayne
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