Monday, January 6, 2014

"Robbed, I Tell You!" and a FREEBIE!

Seriously?  I woke up.  Tiptoed into my bathroom ready to peek out the window and see the glorious white fluff and squeal with unashamed delight...only to find ---NADA!  Grass...people.  That was all that was staring back at me!  So---stinkin'---sad!

But alas, I pulled up my big girl panties (which seemed to have shrunk over the Christmas break????) and remembered to be thankful for my 2 "COLD" days Katie put it! ;)

Maybe my joyous snow will come later.  I REFUSE to give up!!!  (PS - Did I mention it DID snow in Indiana???? Argggh!)

At least it gave me some more jammie time and work time too.

We have had a TON of requests for us to finish making our monthly themed NUT ALLERGY signs.  We had 3 SEVERELY allergic kiddos last year.  I mean like "dive across the room, putting all bodily harm aside, swat the dangerous nut outta their reach" kinda allergies.  SCARY!

We made the monthly signs a bit humorous to catch the attention of parents and guests coming in our room.  It looks like it must have helped you guys too!

So here they are...August through May.  We also updated the first few months because---well---we just didn't think they were all that cute anymore! ;)

Click on either image to head to our store to grab them!

We hope you enjoy!

PS - The winner of the PICK YOUR PRODUCT quickie giveaway is LEEANN HALL!  Email us Leeann or leave a comment with your email and let us know which product you would like!


  1. HAHAHA this made me laugh! No snow here in Texas either but it sure if COLD outside! '

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

    1. Thanks Marcy. I think myself a bit funny...hubs doesn't always agree! Glad you do! ;)

  2. Funny post! I felt that way last month when it got down to the low twenties and started to rain. If it's going to be that cold, it should at least snow a little. Thanks for the laugh and your posters are a fabulous idea!

    1. That's just WRONG! 20 degrees, rain, and NO snow! Glad you like the posters!