Thursday, January 23, 2014

Smooth Sailing-100 Day Success

(Singing to the tune of Happy Birthday)
Happy 100 Days to us!! Happy 100 Days to us!!

Well that's what we thought anyway when we celebrated all day yesterday! Too bad it seems the rest of the county celebrated the day before!! Ooops!

Surely no one even noticed, right??

Well 100th day or not, it was AWESOME! We think it was the smoothest running, most productive 100th day we have had in well....

18 years!!!

Seriously!! What did we do differently??

Each kiddo had a 100 Day station card with 10 stations!

Each station was worth 10 points so when they finished, all there work added up to 100 points!!

We made a flipchart with pictures from previous years to show students instructions for many of the stations.
The kiddos worked with a partner and went at their own pace.

We had manipulatives/materials out all over the room with designated areas for certain 100 Day projects.

We had lots of extra activities that kiddos could do if they finished early!

If you need this station card, just click and grab!
For each station with an **, there is a work page in our 100th  Day Galore pack. However, each of those activities can also be done without the pack by simply using classroom writing paper or manipulatives.

Hope you have a great week!!! Happy 100th Day!!

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